Adilene S. North Carolina

It depends on us to stop it

Everyone has the freedom to think what they want, but how is our future world going to be like with racism?

                                                                                   Letter To The President

Dear Mr.President, I am sure that you are in knowledge of the problems that are going on in our society. In fact, you’re probably trying to do something about it at this moment. I just wanted to bring this one specific issue to your attention. Everyday people get upset because of the discrimination that people face on a day to day basis. Racism is a huge problem that the united states has been facing ever since probably when the first settlers arrived at the Americas. But over the years it has evolutionized to race and not just religion anymore. Apparently to other people, if you are from a different color, race or country, you are just bound to be discriminated and that's when the whole issue of racism starts. Racism is causing a lot of problems and it needs to stop before anything else happens.

I personally have experienced racism a lot of times. For example, My sister and I were walking inside Wal-Mart and a elderly white lady kept looking at us funny. While we were walking, we were talking in spanish and the lady comes up to us and says, “ You’re not in Mexico anymore so stop.” My sister and I were in shock because we did not know how to respond. It makes me mad to just know the fact that people actually think that they are more superior than others just because they were born in the united states. From my knowledge, you’re an immigrant unless you descend from the Native Americans, the aztecs or the mayans and the Vikings.

According to and Huffington Post, The system defends itself and not the public. And that is true. Racism has started so many things like police brutality all over the U.S, Violent protest, Athletes to kneel down down during the National Anthem and so many more things. Several African Americans have been killed because of police being racist and shooting for no reason. How do you think that makes them feel? Mexicans get called out every day for being “rapist”, “drug dealers”, and “criminals.” How do you think that makes them feel? The government isn’t doing anything to put a stop to this, they’re only helping themselves but not us.

Racism is a huge issue that needs to be put a stop too. I am sure that you’re busy with other things too but, try to do something about it. We build this Nation for everyone, not just one race. Every race, religion, country is full of people who have helped build the United States into what it is today. We should all be treated equally, just like this country was built to do.

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