Gladys D. California

Foreign Relations

My letter is about the problems and suffering of our nation because of Foreign Relations. The United States chooses to get involved in every other country's business and we end up having bigger problems than the actual country itself .

Dear Future President ,

There have been some concerns that I have about our Foreign Relations along with the problems and suffering of our nation. Have you noticed that the United States somehow ends up right in the middle of every major conflict?

We the people, your people, are worried that you have forgotten that America, the most powerful country on earth, has no control of our nation and what goes on in other foreign countries whatsoever. We are beginning to see that America is at a turning point. We have noticed that we are making progress but then end up taking 10 steps back. Have you? What’s it going to take to finally push us off the edge?

As nations we tend to come together when we feel threatened by other countries. This makes us become closer and familiar with those who have the same common enemies. With America on top it enables us to set its own foreign policy objectives and to achieve them without relying on other countries to pick us back up, also to maintain, extend, and strengthen the relative position of power. How long will we remain on top ?

Back in September 2001, there was a revolutionary crisis that left America trembling at the bones. You may remember this tragic day and how much our nation had lost and how much we suffered. I am revisiting this event because it was just the beginning of the suffering.We needed to identify the enemy. We needed to know who had changed our world forever. We are tired of asking what is going to come next or when “they” are going to Strike next? “They” being American rivals that seek vengeance. We asked these questions for years and yet they still go unanswered to this day.

Your people would like to know if you could answer these questions that we have been asking for years. What are you going to do about the constant fear that is roaming around your nation about when “they”are going to attack again? Currently we are playing limbo on a “glass ceiling” with out knowing when we will come crashing down at any point and time. I say “they” because who knows how many enemies we have now. Tension is building everyday about what is going on with our connections with foreign countries that we call our allies. How high are you going to let the tension build until we know the truth?How positive are you that we can still trust our connections in other countries?

Where will America be in 10 years? Will the issues we have today be resolved by then or will they be worse? Will sacrifices be made? If so ,who will suffer those sacrifices? Will it be to better our nation or will it be a waste of time and resources? The fate of our nation lies in your hands, it's your actions that will help determine whether we rise or fall.


 Gladys D. 

Yreka High School

English IV

12th grade students at Yreka High School.

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