Detreck New York

Protection of the 2nd amendment

I believe the second amendment is important and needed. If it is taken, then we lose a great and important part of the United States.

I believe that the more we try to take away guns and the 2nd Amendment, the more we will separate the country. If we join forces, then we could get illegal guns off the street and keep people safe. This could be the only way to find peace in our own nation. Chicago police only pull one gun off the street every 74 minutes. That number could be increased if we join forces. That is why I think we should stop trying to take legal guns away and take illegal guns away instead.

the heritage foundation,

Gun Control Misfires in Europe, by JOHN R. LOTT JR.

Troy High School

Mr. Mo's Amazing English Students

Each of my students has a voice that needs to be heard. These are the minds and hearts that will help shape our country's future. All student writing, audio, video and artwork is 100% original and supported with in-depth research. Enjoy their incredible work.

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