C.S.J Louisiana

Black Lives Matter

These are very important questions for the upcoming president

   Dear Future President,

Whether it be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump this message is to the both of you about the importance of the Black Lives Matter Movement. According to a CNN article the Black Lives Matter movement was always doubted and was told it wouldn't last because they had no real purpose but it one of the most popular movement. In this passage, I will be bringing up very hard and uncomfortable topics for any president no matter what race or party (Democratic or Republican). My first question is how do you plan to help the poor people in this country and not any other country. Meaning, America always tries to help other countries because of their own possible gain in the outcome. This is hidden well but if you pay attention to where America decides to place troops they have all been because of an alliance or a valuable resource that a country possess. Later the taxpayers that should vote on these things end up suffering because they need more money ending in a cycle of poverty. Then when this country is in debt people with power look for opportunities like these and I fear that the power of the president will do something like this. The role of Commander In Chief could be used for your own personal gain.

My next question is what does the next president think about stop and frisk. I believe that all this does is create conflict between police and African American men and growing men mainly. I also think that Stop and Frisk puts a strain on the already troubled relationship between police officers and black men. The of Stop and Frisk idea did not work out very well as their plan was to stop all criminals but yet again the power the police had was abused. The police started to only harass black men and it was effective in taking guns off the street but when you make people be scared of a force meant to protect the people were forced into a corner. so then like a cat attacked back and crime rates went up almost double what they were before and I understand that you were just trying to help but you have to act with your mind not your feelings.

Thirdly, how do you plan to ensure that African American children have the same opportunities as any other child including rich or poor children in this country? I believe that the American dream is not true at all. I think that if you grow up wealthy you have an almost guarantee that your life will be better than most no matter how much effort you put in. Then if a child from poverty tries triple times as hard that little rich kid did he would have near as good of a life without a special talent. Life is unfair and that is why the poor and wealthy will never have equal opportunities but there are things to help the poor just scrape along. These other things could be supported living, free health care, food stamps, child support…., you name it there is something to help the poor no matter what circumstance. The only problem is when the rich don't want to pay extra taxes because of the little money they will lose and frankly I think the rich like being rich because they believe that they are special and better but this is not the case. Then when you try and take that edge from anyone they will fight for it to be different or what they think is better. Personally, I think that money is a confusing poison. Greed can do things to your soul that nothing else in this world could do. Whether it be power or money some people will be pushed enough to do anything for power because they think power equals perfection. Yet the true and simple fact is that no one can ever be perfect no matter how rich or powerful you are. Future president I hope you read this and tell me how would you help the poor to give them an equal chance as any other child in this country no matter where they are from.