G.M. Louisiana

Racism in America

Racism has become a bad problem in America, it needs to be fixed and this must be the president's number one concern.

Dear President,

In today’s times things aren’t going so well, one of those things is racism. In America, it seems like history is repeating itself, the Civil Rights Act happened in 1964 and in 2016 the problem has resurfaced. Racism is even worse now, there is now police brutality where black people are being for unjust reasons. In the wake of police brutality a movement has started called Black Lives Matter, which is showing people won’t let racism be a thing in this society. Racism in America is a real problem that needs to be solved, if racism is not fixed then it could be a disaster for the country.

Racism in America is very much alive, a article from The Guardian reads, “Three boys surprised the girl, identified by her initials KP, while they were playing, according to the lawsuit.

“She did not see what the boys behind her were doing, and the next thing KP knew, she felt the rope wrap around her neck and she was violently jerked to the ground.” it then goes on to say how the boys left her and didn’t help her get up, they also claim that it was a unfortunate accident. Next President, this should not be happening in America, these are just 6th graders doing this. Unfortunately this is not the worst of things going on in our society.

Police brutality is a big problem going on right now, black people are being killed for doing nothing wrong, from selling CD’s, to walking down the street with a hood on. These are harmless actions that some Black people are being killed for. A article from CNN tells the story of Alton Sterling a man that became victim to Police Brutality, the text reads, “Sterling was selling CDs early Tuesday outside the Triple S Food Mart in Baton Rouge, the source said, when the homeless man approached him and asked for money. The man was persistent, and Sterling showed him his gun, the source said.I told you to leave me alone," Sterling told the man, according to the source.The homeless man then used his cell phone to call 911.” When the police came to confront Alton they proceeded to arrest him and pinned him to the ground, and with police have him pinned they still shot him dead. This was an unjust killing, they had him pinned to the ground and shot him for no reason at all. This is the jist for most of unjust police killings.

Black Lives Matter is a movement made because of unjust police killings, and people were sick of it. The protest is people coming together to and getting their voice and stop police shootings. Next president, as your place in office you should try and close the racial divide it is bad for the country and won’t get us anywhere. Closing the racial divide would make connections in our country better and will help us prosper and excel. So when you put into office you should make this one of your main topics.

To conclude, racism is not a good thing, and it must be taken out of our society. It will tear everything down and not help us move up the ladder. The races should come together and put their problems aside so we can move on. We have been through this before and we shouldn’t go through it again. We must move up and get rid of racism.

Sincerely, G.M.