Bronson B. Louisiana

Knocking on Afghanistan's Door

Imagine being deployed to a Middle Eastern territory as a United States soldier. Many challenges are in your near future. One of these challenges is named ISIS.

Dear Future President:

“You are being deployed to Afghanistan.” 

Imagine being in the military — the army, air force, or navy — and hearing these words escape your general’s mouth. You have a feeling: it is not excitement. You generate reasons to worry about what could go wrong, and ask yourself, how will my family fare without me home? The thought of “why did somebody like me sign up for this” permeates your thoughts, but then you recollect that nobody else would be inclined to partake in the risk. Next thing you know, your goodbyes have rolled off your tongue, and you are 30,000 feet in the air — on the way to a more treacherous area than the home you have grown so used to. You have heard the stories. People always leave to fight, but they do not always buy a round trip ticket. In the rapidly approaching hours, the radical terrorist group Isis, will be your most pungent fear. Rumors of their actions always circulate, and soon the deaths of comrades will no longer be rumors to you. Isis will be on your doorstep all day and everyday.

ISIS is an organization that in the past has brutally taken the lives of American people. For example, a video was posted on the internet of militants from the group decapitating innocent American citizens. The rash decision making of their leaders to post such content for the world to see should have resulted in their utter and complete obliteration. My point to demonstrate is that our officials need to attempt to wipe out or neutralize the group all together. This is so because the people killed were not the only people affected — but the families of those individuals were devastated by the loss of their loved one. In the fog of these events, our own military suffers casualties and deaths virtually everyday. To avoid putting our soldiers at risk, drones would be an effective solution to prevent the need for members of our military being sent to fight Isis. Therefore, this would serve as an alternate means of putting down Isis militants. Americans who deal with the loss of life would make the same following request.

Please put an end to the ISIS terrorist union, or help to prevent the loss of life. These people include active military members, and innocent people who fall victim to the radical attacks. Their irrational violence against the faultless people of free countries cannot be overlooked or excused. Our military leaders need to ban together with those leaders of other countries who have suffered attacks to halt Isis in their tracks. The longer our conflict continues with them in the Middle East, the more lives we will lose to an unworthy cause. This is near to my heart because my uncle Mike is a high ranking official at our local air force base, and he is being deployed to the war zone we know as Afghanistan next week. Many people I have been acquainted with, or heard of, are being stationed there as well. I wish for no more lives to be lost to terrorism or in combat overseas.


Bronson Brown

Captain Shreve High School

Mrs. Barclay's English Students

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