Trenton M. Louisiana

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Our founding fathers had the right idea.

    Dear Future President,

     When our founding fathers formed this nation,they believed that "all men were created equal" and were guaranteed certain rights as  Americans. As everyone knows, the rights earned are "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness." Our original founders hoped to make America a great place for all people who lived there. Although, there were people separated by color, sex, and living status, the government tended not to pit groups against one another as our government and society do today. Government today tends to be for one group over another group. This isn't the way that a government should be run. John Adams said it best in the quote below..

      As presidential candidates, both you Mr.Trump and Mrs.Clinton have shown to have opposing views as those of our founding fathers. Both of you are planning to put tax plans in place that would benefit one group over another. You Mrs.Clinton state that your tax plan calls for increasing taxes for the wealthy. Your beliefs is that by doing that the increase revenue earned from that can help build the middle class. On the other hand you Mr.Trump have a tax plan that would decrease taxes for the wealthy. Your hope by doing this is that the wealthy will then use that extra money to build businesses that will employ the lower classes.These plans don't call for all men to be considered equals.  

     Concerning the rights of "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness" each of you has shown to favor certain groups over others. Both of you push for specific groups to be given rights over other groups. This differs from our founding fathers who believed all people had these rights given to them. They didn't push one group over another in the public eye as you two have done. They tried to include something that would reach every group of people when they gave public speeches. If nothing else by doing this, they made everyone feel as if they believed in them. Both of you could learn a lesson from our founding fathers on how to treat the people of America that will be voting for one of you as President.

     As Thomas Jefferson stated in the quote above the law is often the reason that the rights of individuals are overlooked. Therefore, in your dealings with law creation you should keep in mind all Americans rights.


                                                                                                                        Trenton Miller

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