Chris G. Oklahoma

Dear Mister/Madam President

Letter to the next president covering gun control and similar topics

Dear Mister/Madam President

I share some concerns for our country with you. My main concerns lay with gun control. Gun control has been an issue in our nation that has been drug on way too long. I believe that I can bring up a few good points to help resolve the issue

First off, it needs to be accepted that owning a firearm is a right. The second amendment has been in the constitution since it was written, everyone should stop trying to change it. The people of America deserve the freedom to defend themselves. One of the easiest ways for the biggest majority of people can defend themselves is by owning and knowing how to properly use a firearm.

I can understand being concerned with high capacity magazines, I don't necessarily think anyone needs a magazine that hold over a hundred rounds, but at the same time that is not a gun that is a gun accessory. Regulations on certain attachments on guns makes sense but some people may need them for different reasons just as long as they have a valid reason for owning those attachments.

I do believe that certain people shouldn't be able to buy guns, and I am aware that there are regulations for that purpose. I also think that there should be medical record check on top of the regular background checks. One thing that needs to come to everyone's attention is the fact that if we make certain drugs illegal some people who really still want them can get their hands on them, what makes guns any different, if guns are taken away from the good law abiding citizens, then the people who really still want guns will find ways to get them illegally, and then law abiding citizens are left defenseless. If it comes to that point i don’t believe that the police could sustain.

Concealed and open carry licenses are a good example of the proper way to control the use of guns, not only that but it is also a good way to defend yourself. I believe that instead of trying to limit the use of guns we should instead be encouraging people to get open and concealed carry licenses. It could be a good resolution problems with crimes that we have. The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. That's why we have the police, unfortunately they can't always be there or make it in time, that's one of the best reasonings to have an open or concealed carry license.

All in all I think that these thing can can lead to solving the gun control issues we have, I hope this letter has been helpful and if not at least be informative


Chris Glasscock 

Guthrie High School

Guthrie High School Seniors!

Senior Class of 2017 GHS!

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