Margarita M. California

Police Brutality

Police violence towards mentally disabled.

Dear next president,

I think that you should put a stop to police brutality because many innocent people are being shot, while being unarmed. This issue matters to the world because many citizens don’t feel safe. “Who do you call in a police shooting?” They’re no limits for an officer, as we see it. Others in the world think it is safety, yet police officers don’t recheck or make a matter of reason because of fear that they might have a weapon and they feel the need to be defensive.

Police shootings are all over the news, and when the officers speak for themselves it’s the same excuse. My take on this is for the police academy or PTO (Police Training Officer) improve training, in general. They’re many examples, but in this case as we see it, or at least I do is that officers don’t have the patience to deal with a person who has a disability. Officers need better preparation for any kind of situation like this because the outcome can be a disaster. In many cases on the news, they’re videos of proof or evidence that are shown to the public of police violence. This leads to riots that are also violent because the people call for justice.

On the other hand, they’re no cameras to prove what officers say happened. If you think about it this way, when a police officer says “he/she threatened me, or was being violent” a family member would not believe such a thing. Why is that? Because they know how the person is, they know how the person would react to an officer yelling at them. There is a need of training in these types of situations, especially with restraining, many innocent people with disabilities have died because of this, and the last words that you can hear them say is “it hurts.”

Police officers, have equipment for many different situations because not every police officer is in charge of one thing in particular they’re other positions. But in this case the equipment that is used is a bulletproof vests, handcuffs, taser, flashlight, baton, body camera, pistol or shotgun.

A police officer can make a story up, such as they might have felt fear for their lives and gunned down the mentally ill. It’s a common story.

It is a killing of an innocent person because of the officer’s mistaken assumption. As in many videos on YouTube and on the news, officers get angry when they see a person recording them and charge at them.

In my research, the U.S is being compared to other countries and shootings that they have in common. “If you can’t handle a dangerous situation without killing someone then the job isn’t for you.”