Thomas P. California

Our protectors hurt us

The police force designed to protect and serve has been corrupted and need the guidance of our Future President

Dear Future President of the United States of America

I'm sure you're well aware of this problem, that left unkempt will continue to spread across America. The problem is all the recent and past cases of police brutality, I haven't personally faced this problem and it hasn't had a huge impact in the area where I reside, but the more I hear about this worries me. There have been cases where police officers would shoot suspects who were either disarmed or complying with the officers orders, body cam footage can reveal a lot of things but it can't stop these cases

The cause of these unnecessary police brutalities seem to stem from the amount of power that these officers receive, you know what they say about power "Absolute power corrupts absolutely" and the fact that they are left relatively unchecked doesn't help. There has been a case where two officers pulled a man over and they beat him with the butt of their shotguns and proceeded to continue beating him while the man was down, and the two responsible were fired and rehired by the same police station! Sure the two later were fired again but that's because they again committed another brutality, I feel that being the culprit of something this severe should at least be held responsible by having this in a permanent record or by having the officers banned from any occupation in a position of power. 

It's understandable if an officer hurts a citizen if it's justified like if they were armed and threatening to shoot or if there is a riot or mob terrorizing the streets. Body cameras were initially introduced to prevent this kind of thing but as we can all tell it doesn't help all too much, it just helps us identify the criminals-The REAL criminals. To keep the officers power in check I suggest the officers forced to keep a log if and when any shots were fired, if you could smell the gun powder and the officer has no log entry of it then that would subject them to suspicion and fellow innocent officers would keep their eyes on the suspicious officer.

Statistics from 2015 reveal that African Americans who were suspects and supposed criminals were killed half as much as innocent African Americans. Also in 2015 97% of all police officers involved in these crimes were left unaccountable and free from harm. This year 2016 police have killed 234 African Americans, this year so with over 200 confirmed kills how long will it take to get that to zero. (all the statistics provided come from 

So please Future President of these great united states help stop the people who protect us from killing us. You've seen the cases and read the statistics and I think it's time for change you should to.

                                                                                                                        Sincerely, a concerned student

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