Jackie R. California

A Concern For My Community

The homeless population has been increasing day by day becoming a concern for our safety and well-being.

Dear Future President,

The homeless people have always been a part of my community but recently it seems as if they are taking over. I cannot walk through my own street without seeing a homeless at least once. You could drive through the city and see encampments set up everywhere, going to such extremities that they have set up their tents in people’s front lawns. Other things that stand out are the shopping carts left all over the sidewalks and litter throughout the streets. It has gotten so bad that when you call 311 Service Request for the City of Los Angeles because of problems with the transients (homeless) they won’t do anything about it.

The street I live on has had many problems with the homeless too. I live near a freeway, the only thing separating the backyards from the trees on side of the freeway is a wooden fence. Many of my neighbors including my own family have questioned their safety. When my grandma sees them out there hanging their clothes outside or just simply walking by she won't go outside because of how scared she is. The homeless have even gone so far to start taking stuff from our houses. Late at night my sisters and I are scared to go out by ourselves because there is always a homeless out there, walking around, and sitting in front of the houses. The homeless have also been affect our health. Since they are living in the street they will defecate and urinate wherever they are staying at the moment. When they move from one place to another they will simply leave their trash behind. Another big thing that can affect our health is the drug paraphernalia they will leave. Whether it be needles, or simply just bags where the drug used to be this can greatly impact us. Many of them could also have mental illnesses and you could never know when they will have a mental crisis that could go so far from not only hurting themselves but others around them. This has become a big concern for not just our safety but theirs as well.

Overall, I have never seen my community in this kind of situation in which it is today. I used to think that I lived in one of the better looking, safer cities but now with this problem spreading to more and more cities I'm starting to get more and more concerned. I've wanted to bring this problem to your attention because it has gone from just being a problem for myself and those around me to the other surrounding cities. I hope that there will be a solution to this problem in the near future and that my community will return to the way it was before.


Jackie R.