JE Louisiana

Youth Homelessness

Youth homelessness is a problem in the United States. It is a problem that needs to be solved.

 Dear President,

I think you should read my letter on youth homelessness. When there are children without homes you need to do something about it. Children are this world's future and might do very good things later in life. You also never know if one of the homeless children could cure cancer or some other disease. Those might be the people starving on the streets, starving for knowledge, starving for the chance to have a better life. You can help. You should give states money for orphanages, or to make orphanages better so people might think twice before leaving their child on the street.

President, if you should help with youth homelessness it would help so many people and it might make the world smarter, cities earning more money, states earning more money, and you at the top of the pyramid would profit for all of this. You get a good amount of taxes and you would profit more than you used to. Plus do you remember when you were a child. You had a home, a family, a steady income, and many things you take for granted. Wouldn’t you want to help other children to have a nice home or even a home at all. People should help people. If money is what is keeping you back don’t worry, there is a way. You might not even need to spend much money, you could do this by traveling. You would merely have to travel to different states and support the cause. People would think about investing to the cause and their money would be spent to help the cause.

President, I have evidence and back up to what I am trying to say. On the website “How Can We Protect Youth from Homelessness” it says, “Youth Radio reporter Kasey Saeturn examines the growing population of homeless youth in San Francisco where as many as 1,600 young adults are without a home on any given night.” and “about one-third of the homeless people were children and youth.” These quotes say that in San Francisco there are a lot of homeless people and ⅓ are children/young adults. You need to do something about that. You should care about people getting good jobs and help making America better.

The minimum wage is set so low that it increases the wage affects college students because the dorms are pricey and they don’t have a good job to get a good income. So they just spend their night out in the street. According to “How Can We Protect Youth Homelessness” it says, “Only about 13% of college students live on campus, according to a 2014 study by the Wisconsin Hope Lab. The same study reports that more than half of all college students live off campus. And if you’re in the midst of trying to figure out how you’re going to pay for college, here’s some bad news: universities seriously underestimate the cost of living for students, according to the study.” This quote states that very few college students live on campus because of the price. If you think about it where are they if they aren’t there. Some stay at an apartment, some at a friends house, but some of them live on the street. We need to change that. It looks bad on our city to see college students on the street.