E.S. Louisiana

Trans Lives Matter

Who are the real victims? Us or the many transgender people that have to fight for basic human rights such as a bathroom?

Dear Future President,

Transgender issues about things like what bathroom to use has become a very large topic. People all over the country are worried about transgender kids using the same bathroom as their “normal” kids. Transgender people are just as human as we are.

“Transgender people work for the state of North Carolina, attend school in North Carolina, and are a part of every community across the state,” three groups that challenged the federal court about the bathroom measure said in a statement. “It is unconscionable that the government is placing a target on their backs to advance this discriminatory political agenda. Lawsuits are normally filed to stop discrimination, not to continue it.”

Transgender bathrooms should be available to the people who need them. This conflict needs to be stopped. Transgender people are apart of our community and we should treat them like they are. There are people who support transgender people and fight for them. The huge debates about the bathroom bill in places like North Carolina need to stop. Once this is resolved we move on to other pressing issues.

In conclusion, transgender people should be able to use the bathroom that corresponds with the gender they identify with. We are not the victims, they are. Youthpride.org says that 3 out of 4 trangender youth experiance sexual harrassment in schools. According to tglynnsplace.com says 1 out of 2 transgender people attempt suicide by age 20. Things like this could change if we treated transgender people equally. People should be able to use whatever bathroom they want to use regardless of race or gender. Bathrooms shouldn't be a place where transgender people can be a target for sexual harassment, physical, or mental abuse. Bathrooms should be a safe place for everyone. As a person living in America, I think that we should celebrate freedom and not look down on others for being who they want to be.