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College is too pricey

College tuition is very expensive and many people don't have the money.

Dear Future President,

Many people are getting out of high school and need to start their life. They can do this in two ways. The first way is to go straight into the business world and get a job, or go to college. The latter of the two is the better option because when you get out of college you get higher pay and better jobs, but many newly graduated students don’t go to college because of the cost of it. Some have said that if we raise taxes, the government can pay for a free two year college. Others think that free college can only hurt the country because California has the cheapest community college, but during The Recession a lot for people signed up for community college and California didn’t have enough money to take them all in. College is a needed factor to having a successful life, but the costs are hindering people from going because of how much it costs to go to college.

The amount of people who don’t go to college or drop out because of cost is astounding. Only 66% of High school seniors apply to college who have parents that are worried about cost. While 90% of high school seniors whose parents don’t worry about money apply to college. If we had more people who went to college, the economy would improve because more people would have degrees and make money, so they could buy more stuff. Kids are going into debt because they take out loans to pay for school and they don’t finish because they can't pay off the loans they already have put them in a worst position, says The Campus Riot, college blog site. This puts them in even more debt because without their degree they don’t make as much money as they need to make to pay off their loans in time. Therefore, lowering their credit and extending the time they can get a car and a house.

Not only is the price of college stopping people from finishing college it deters people from starting. The price is so much of an hindrance people would rather start a business or go straight into the business world. Many go to work at Mcdonald’s and Burger King. This causes them to live paycheck to paycheck which isn’t a good life to live. Campus Riot states, ”66 percent of students with parents very concerned about finances applied to college.” This is bad because not everyone gets into college that applies. If the college prices were lowered then we could have more educated people and this would help in many ways to have educated people. Some examples would be, better economy, better businesses, and a better government.

The solution to all of these problems would be to make taxes higher and lower the budget for the military. At the moment, the government gets $3.18 Trillion in money per year and the military gets 648 billion dollars of it. Many think this is a ridiculous amount of money on the government. It spends more money on the military than the next nine countries combined. We could take some of this money and lower the price of college. Barack Obama suggested that we should offer two years of free college, but others don’t agree. The New York Times says, ¨Free public college is a great political talking point, but it is flawed policy. First, free college isn’t free, it simply shifts costs from students to taxpayers and caps tuition at zero.¨ This is a true statement, but it isn’t a valid argument. Instead of, one person paying for your child’s college. You have the whole entire population of people are helping your child go to college

In conclusion,the tuition for college is holding America back from it’s greatest potential. We could be a country of doctors and lawyers and other types of successful people. America is already free. We just need to be more prosperous so that everybody can live the American dream. Thank you for your time.

Your Citizen,