I.S. Louisiana

College Tuition

That time has come, high school students' favorite time of their life, high school graduation. Once they cross that stage and are given their diploma, joy fills many. The next chapter in their life has begun. So what now, where do many graduates like to attend after high school, College! Some, who would like to attend college can’t afford it or don’t have enough money because college tuition are dramatically increasing from year to year.

“3rd November 2016

Dear, the next President of the United States.

College tuition has increased since the late 1900's. In 1980 college tuition, for public colleges, were on average of $2,100 ( private colleges were averaged to $9,000). By 2005 the costs nearly doubles to an astounding $5,200 ( private increased to $29,000). I believe that you should do something about this, especially for many middle class people who sometimes can’t afford college now-a-days.

College is a great opportunity to earn a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and etc., which can help employ more people to better jobs [ that they can be comfortable with] and be in a better position in life itself. People without these opportunities often are left with jobs that are underpaid and has bad hygiene ( workplace). Chris Pumphrey states,”Often, young adults delay buying their first home due to rising tuition, unable to live on their own many graduates are forced to move back home with mom and dad.” Overall, rising in tuition can lead to an unfortunate future for many graduates.

Continuing with, lower college tuition can increase the chances of better education [ in minors], which is another issue in the United States. Just imagine the new generation (after us) believing that it is almost impossible to even try to get into college. Most likely that will cause them to initiate ideas like; doing drugs, dropping out of school, leaving home, and causing violence which makes the U.S. look bad. Every year, over 1.2 million students drop out of high school in the United States alone. That's a student every 26 seconds – or approximately 7,000 students per day. Over 25% of those students are freshmen.

To include that, along with youth and the middle classes, immigrants ( which are also another issue in America) will probably decline to coming and that will definitely affect our economy. Because of the rise in tuition and the fall in the amount of educated people, most likely the hordes of immigration that seek education will start to look for other developed countries. This will surely put the U.S. at a extremely large debt and, for the you, that will be more pressure onto them. According to Bob Bryan from “Business Insider”, “ The US government has a lot of debt, about $19 trillion of it.” Immigrants or just tourists ( from which most immigrants come from) can aid and try to decrease that debt.

In conclusion, for you, whom is the next president of the U.S. in 2017, I hope you at least try to understand the wants and needs of those that are struggling. I also hope you listen to all of our messages, we wish can be made to better the lives of this generation and the next and so far on afterwards. College is a gift for everyone- who deserves it.It should be able to attend without the expend of our valuable and hard-working money.

Sincerely, I.S.