Eva I. Michigan

Teen Drug Abuse in America

Teen drug abuse

Dear Future President,

Drug and heroin use in the United States of America is a big deal, and is becoming a larger and larger problem everyday, especially in teens. The age of first time heroin users is becoming younger. It is much easier for teens to get their hands on heroin today. I believe that no one should take drugs, especially at a young age.

In an ABC News article called addicted to heroin “I’m Literally just rotting”, by Andrew Sullivan, 21 year old Ashley was interviewed. Ashley is addicted to heroin, she quit everything, and pretty much stopped her social life, and keeps to herself in the basement. Most react like her when they go in deep with heroin. Sometimes, people have a situation like Ashley, they do not know that they are taking heroin at first, and think it is a different drug. They are tricked into taking it. But then, when the person who initially gave it to them comes out with the truth, they are already addicted.

People like Ashley get money from their parents, but some, like a friend of hers, (who did not want to be identified in the article) does not get that money. Some like her friend has to rely on prostitution to get money for their addiction. That is something no one should have to result to.

Street drugs are not the only thing that teens can abuse. Painkillers are just as bad. It is said to be the next best thing after heroin. Why, you may ask? It is very cheap and easy to get. Many people also abuse prescription drugs. Lots of people die from overdoses just as much as heroin. Even celebrities, die on drugs all the time

I think this is terrible because it ruins teen’s lives. Depression, stress, anger, losing the will to live, these are all things that drug abusers can face. Parents want to help their child, but can they? No, they can't do much to help them. Tighter laws need to be placed on this and this terrible situation needs to be helped.


Eva Ignash

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