Alexandria V. Michigan

College tuition

College tuition has been rising for the past 40 years how will you becoming the next president solve this national problem

Dear future President of the United States, 

College tuition, this is a major issue in today’s society. I, being a freshman in highschool, has had a desperate and hopeless dream of going to college ever since I knew what college was. I call this dream desperate and hopeless because of college tuition Mr/Mrs President do you know how much college tuition cost lately? Well on average today college tuition at a non-profit school is about $32,000. How is a 17-18 year old kid going to get that kind of money? Well, the truth is most don’t. Most kids go to college with loans or go through college and even after they graduate with college debt. And if you don’t think that is a lot for a teenager lets add the fact that about 66% of kids with parents who stress about college tuition or college funds won’t even apply for college. 

I do have to say when an employer is looking for new employees they normally look for people with a college degree. But most won’t even get to go into their field of studies and as college to tuition goes up average salaries go down making it hard for people to pay off loans or college debt. A cruel kindness is  what I would call this. I call this a cruel kindness for the the fact that college give you many opportunities in the world but the cruelty in it is that you most likely will be paying for it for the rest of your life . Also did you know right now the united states has almost $1.2 trillion in college debt. Now how are you going to deal with $1.2 trillion of debt Mr/Mrs. President?

A study has shown that from 1971 to now college tuition has gone up roughly 250%. Why has it increased so much? Imagen right now being a senior in highschool having to make one of the biggest decisions of your life, and the only concern you have is not where can I go but how can I pay to go. That shouldn't be the main concern. Teenagers should be able to go where they want,study what they want, not just what’s the cheapest option. 

How do you think these kids feel when they have to turn down the thing that they love? Ill tell you how they feel hopeless,doubt full,down of pride,in rage, depressed . Making these teens going to a college already not liking what they are doing. And we all know how hard it is to change your mind about something. This decline is effort will follow them through college leading to bad grades and making all their hard work to  get college be for nothin

Even after all of this one of the worst things a parent has to do is to tell their child that they can’t go to the college they want to or a parent having to go to the bank and take out loans. If I was a kid going to college I wouldn't let my parents take out a loan for me no matter what they said. No family should have to go through this but so many are. Americans all around are giving up the dream of being able to go to college and get a good job to support themselves.

So my finally question to ask you is Mr/Mrs President of the united states is after you are done reading this if you ever read it, will you actually do anything about it because this is serious issue in america today. And if you do something what will you do to help or solve this nationally problem making kids all across the nation losing hope in their dream and having to do not what they love all because of nation debt.

From a concerned American,

Alexandria Verner

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