Silus m. Georgia

Psychotropic Drug Misuse and Abuse

Help me stop this abuse!

Dear Mr or Mrs . President,

I wanted to talk to you about our psychotropic drug problem.  These drugs are focused on helping children with ADD and ADHD to help them control the effects that come with these disorders, but if you really want me to be honest these drugs are not doing anything but harming. 

Let me give you some examples of this.  When kids start taking these drugs they start becoming addicted to them. I know most doctors say they just want to get a buzz, and that's why they over medicate, but this is not the cause they are becoming addicted to this drug.

The doctors that are supplying these psychotropic drugs choose to not say anything because it brings a lot more money into their offices. This is why I believe this needs to be stopped because these drugs are doing more harm than good and it needs to be stopped.

But another main problem is foster children are being given these types of drugs for their depression and the after effects of these articles that I've done research on where a foster child bluntly stated that they were taking these drugs almost everyday. Now the reason they seem to be prescribing these medications seems good, but it's not.  In fact, it's affecting them worse than the depression.  They have to take these pills everyday and this is putting their own personnel health in danger by doing this.

You need to act now and eradicate this problem for good that way these innocent children can get their lives back and stop taking these drugs.

Thank You.

 Sincerely,  Silus M.