Sarah H. Michigan

A Teenager's Best Friend, Drugs.

This letter is about how teens have been increasingly abusing drugs, leading to poor decisions. Abusers need help.

Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

The next four years are in your hands Mr. or Mrs. President, meaning your influence will have an impact on every person in this nation. Young adults and teenagers will be the leaders of the future, that is, if the young people of this world are able to get control of and/or get help with their drug abuse. Over the recent years, abuse has doubled for every substance. As for the future of these young adults, it does not look so bright. Especially at a growing rate like this. The future will be full of addicts who drop out of school, leave college, and give up on their dream. The future holds a promise of addictions, overdoses, and depression. The influence of such substances is finding its way to reach younger and younger people on a regular basis.

Substances that have noticeably increased in usage would be the two best friends, heroin and opioids(prescription drugs). The same story is told repeatedly,  that one goes from opioid lover to heroin addict within the snap of a finger. In fact, 80% of those who currently abuse heroin had abused prescription drugs in past. There is the common misconception that prescription drugs cannot be that bad. They aren't illegal, right? Doctors prescribe them! They are manufactured, they are clean, they arenโ€™t that bad, right? It's not like the overdose of these prescription drugs has doubled since 2007 or anything.

Followed along by opioids typically comes, heroin. Cheaper, bigger and better high, easily accessible, fun, what more could a teenager ask for! The appeal of this drug makes it irresistible for those with a past of opioid usage to then start using heroin. With its popularity rising, heroin finds itself moving from the streets and into the suburbs.

Hannah, a teenager in high school who lives in a suburb in Ohio, says โ€œI would just text whoever was available to drop me off a bag under my doormat and within 15-20 minutes it was there. And it was never a that much of a pain because I was able to afford it,โ€. This being the very reason the drug is common among teens, obtaining heroin is as easy as ordering a pizza.

The view on those who abuse drugs is low and associated with failure. I believe anyone can come out of their dark hole and become quite successful and happy with their life, with the proper support and care. The view on drug abuse must be addressed for what it is, a mental illness, and should be treated like so. Over 23 million people struggle with addiction and only 1-in-10 receives treatment. This is an issue that needs more awareness on the cures rather than just sad stories.

Mr./Mrs. President the future of America's youth and their drug obsession is slipping out of the nations grasp. We need your strong, controlled, firm grip.


Sarah Hart

Oakland Writing Project (Michigan) - CASA

CASA - AP Lang

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