Desitny M. Texas

Teen Abortion

When teens get pregnant there first reaction is to get a abortion because they feel like their in this alone, they're not ready to care for one yet , or they just don't want to bear with a child.

Dear future president,

I am here today to help you make some decisions for our country. My biggest concern is abortion especially teen abortion.  Being a teenager I understand why some teens would go towards that path, for example bullying, criticizing, judging, etc. , but that doesn't mean I support it. I believe that if you decide that you're ready to take that step, then you should be aware and ready to take that risk that could come afterwards. There are about 1 million teenagers in America that become pregnant, 35% of those decide to get a abortion rather than bear a child. I believe that the only one affected in a situation like this is the teenager, because your basically killing your own child how could you bear even knowing that your not letting your own child see the world for its first time , how could you bear not even being able to hold your child for the first time or watch it grow throughout the years. That's just my opinion I hope this letter has a affect in our country.