Kalen G. Colorado

Protection of Female Soldiers

Keeping our troops safe at home and overseas.

Dear Future President,

I am a Senior in High School. With graduation quickly approaching, I am constantly looking into the various ways to continue my education after High School. The military has always been an option for me. However, after doing my research, I have found very alarming trends involving the difficulties towards female soldiers. Each day, along with facing unknown dangers in the field, female soldiers have to worry about sexual assaults from fellow soldiers and have to face a multitude of psychological defecates. As the leader of this great nation, it will be necessary to keep our troops safe at home and overseas.

In the military, men and women share close quarters for long periods of time. With the opposite gender being together a number of problems may occur. Problems such as sexual assault. While the victims are not given the chance to recover or be taken seriously by fellow soldiers. As more and more women commit to joining the armed forces, the problem of sexual assault continues to grow. According to the Department of Defense: :”... a female soldier is more likely to be sexually assaulted by a fellow soldier than being injured or killed in combat”. The soldiers who do speak up about their sexual assaults often face retaliation from fellow soldiers or even commanders. The Department of Defence has noted that “ 90% of victims who reported sexual assault were involuntarily discharged and diagnosed with a mental disorder”. These alarming assaults are preventing from our female soldiers to feel safe while they are out risking their lives so that we can enjoy the freedoms of being an American.

A large aspect of being apart of war involves dealing with the psychological aftermath once the soldier leaves the battlefield. Many of the brave soldiers encounter a new, more personal battle known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. This new battle can cause soldiers of both ages, races and gender to attempt self-harm. It is noted from psychiatrist Jennifer Tucker that: “... once a female soldier hits veteran status, they are 79% more likely to die by suicide compared to civilian females”. Once veterans return home from war action needs to be taken place so that they can be given the help so that the horrific traumatizing exterior and interior wounds from war can begin to heal.

Finally, being the leader of the nation includes ensuring safety of the US citizens, both at home and overseas. This job includes making sure female soldiers are protected from dangers such as sexual assault and psychological issues during and after war. Soldiers risk their lives everyday defending our country, the least we can do is keep them safe in return.