Katelynn I. Colorado

Help our Education

Summary: We need to fix school lunches and improve our standardized tests.

Dear next president,

            It greatly disappoints me that our government doesn’t pay too much attention to today’s education. My education and my family’s. I don’t want a president who just throws education aside.

           To begin, the school lunches are just...awful. There is some days where the lunches are absolutely delicious, then the other days it's down right disgusting. For example, when we had nachos I found plastic! How can the government and the president be proud of today’s generation when they’re feeding us harmful things. Another example, most of the meat is fake. When I take a bite out of the sandwich or another lunch that has meat, it tastes weird. Then I go home, and I have the same type of meat, but it tastes normal. I’m very concerned. To make matters worse, at a different school I went to, there was plastic mixed with the meat. That’s very disgusting. Hey next president let’s play a fun little game. For a minute, just a minute, think about you being this 12 year old 7th grader. It’s 1:00 pm, and it’s lunch time. Today they’re giving you nachos. Yummy! You get your lunch and sit down to your best friends. You can’t wait to savor every bite of those nachos. You take a bite of the nachos and BAM! You taste this dreadful thing in your mouth. You pull it out from your mouth. It’s plastic! Now do you understand how that feels? It’s gross. I want a president who cares about this. I’m tired of not getting the lunch I deserve and millions of others feel this way too. I’m tired of finding plastic and other gross things in my lunches. It’s time, for you next president to do something.

        Moving on, tests are very stressful. I feel like we don’t get a break during “testing time”. For example PARCC. We are sitting there for 2-3 hours having no break...at all. It’s not good for our eyes and on top of that, we’re middle schoolers. Most middle schoolers when they get home, go straight on their phones. Now think next president. Us middle schoolers love our phones. We might be on our phones for hours. Then we go to school, and we stare at a screen for 2-3 hours non-stop testing. I know that the fact that we get to go outside and all that but I feel like it's not enough. “On average we take 20-25 hours of standardizing tests according to a comprehensive study of 66 of the nation’s big-city school districts by the Council of the Great City Schools. It said testing amounts to about 2.3 percent of classroom time for the average eighth-grader in public school. Between pre-K and 12th grade, students took about 112 mandatory standardized exams.” (Kerr and Lederman, 1). To add on, I know for a fact that some schools have preschoolers testing for about this time or more than an hour. My sister when she was younger was required to do this in the beginning of the year of her “preschool life”. You can’t expect a preschooler who just started school to know everything. Its ridiculous and idiotic.

     To end this letter, I just want to say that you next president will hopefully listen to my voice. I want these to change for the better, not just to read it and throw it away like most people do and I hope that you really care about my education.

Best regards,

Katelynn Ibrahim