Annya P. Colorado

Immigration Has Its Because

Immigrants come to the United States for a better life not to be a target of discrimination or to cause problems. They come to provide for their families and for themselves.

Dear Madame/Mr.President:

Ever since I was young I heard people say how there was way more chances and opportunities in the U.S than in any other place. Very recently though I began to question the virtues and the chances and opportunities that the U.S offered. I am an immigrant who has grown up in the United States since I was one years old. My parents wanted a better life for me to grow up in, a more suitable environment, where the chances to be someone in life would be much greater and where the streets would be so much safer. Although all seemed to be going excellent, immigrants are being pointed fingers at and aren’t being given the rights that U.S citizens have. The chances that we are given to become something close to a citizen such as the DACA aren't many. I am not the only immigrant in the United States there are many. This is why I strongly plead for a solution so that the immigrants who have been here long enough can have equal rights such as the U.S citizens contain because that's the main reason why immigrants come to the U.S.

Immigration matters, it has become such a controversial topic. The possibility of giving us immigrants citizenship has caused quite some controversy. Some believe that we should just go back to where we came from but ignorance blinds. The truth is they don't know our story, not just ours but our families story, the reason we moved to the U.S. Some even say us immigrants are just hurting and ruining the economy but those people are forgetting that immigration has been around for so long and many immigrants that come to the U.S come to work and provide for their families since the days of the industrial revolution back in the 1960’s.

Although there has been some type of citizenship rights granted such as the dream act and DACA, which are only for teenage immigrants the rights of those in their mid 30’s to 60’s or elder immigrants are still left unaddressed.  They're the ones who made a decision into bringing us teenagers since we were babies or when we were younger to live a better life.The chances for us immigrants to fulfill the dream of having a better life is limited.

I propose that the immigrants who have lived in the United States longer than 8 years be granted a citizenship. Immigrants left it all behind including family that we are not able to see to live a better life and to provide one for people like their children and for themselves and I am a cause to that , I am a child of an immigrant. I am an immigrant, who just wants to be able to have the same rights as any other U.S citizen has.