Jon Marx Utah


A beseechment to the next president, that morals will have a place in the oval office for the next four years.

Dear Mr. or Madame President,

I must first congratulate you, it has been a hard won campaign of tough decisions for all of the major candidates and their respective parties, but I like you look to the bright future of this country. I come not to warn or threaten, because my concern rises above any petty misplacement of ideals or images I have of you. I believe you have enough stress and criticism on your plate as of the moment. Besides, I have four years of which to call you out on mistakes, so why not take a moment to relax at the end of a historic election season.

I do not write to you to warn or threaten, but to offer one piece of advice. Please be good. You need not go down in history as Ghandi or Mother Teresa, elsewise I advise you to run for office in India next, but simply I hope that you take pride in caring for the people of this nation as if we were children. When we fall, don’t scorn or scold, pick us up. When the people of this nation scream for attention, provide it, but don’t let us abide when we break what you and your predecessors have built for this country. Please, the American people are lost. As the partisans and bourgeois, working and upper class, blue and white collars, alike will scream for their want, I ask that you always play the humble provider.

More than anything, as our model, I beg you in advisement that you reach across the aisle, stick out your hand out first, and be the better person. Our divided country rides on a devastating brink, one we have almost been forced off of. The American people have surrounded themselves with a thick chassis of opinion and leaden hubris. What will you do to pierce the Nemean Hide? The nations of the world, our God, and namely our own people, will be holding their breath as you take office for the first time. We, the youth of now a country led by you, beseech you not only to be a President, but an accommodator, a humanitarian, a compromiser, a role model.

Thank you,

Judge Memorial

JM English, periods 5 & 6

Students in Mr. Sloan's AP English Language and Composition class

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