Kyran B. Colorado


In general, abortion should be illegal since it is the murdering of a human being.

Dear Future President,

I believe that abortion should be made illegal because it is the act of killing a human being, regardless of if they have been born. Murdering a living human is illegal, which leads to the logical conclusion that murdering an unborn human should be too. There are other options if the mother or family cannot successfully take care and raise a child, such as adoption.

A fetus is just as much a human as anyone else is. The general claim by society is that since the fetus is unborn, it isn't a human. Once the fetus has passed a certain developmental stage, it can move and feel pain just as any other human would. The act of having an abortion may claim to be painless for the fetus, but if done improperly it will cause the unborn child excruciating pain. If killing another human, who can move and feel pain, is illegal, killing an unborn fetus, who can move and feel pain, should be just as illegal too.

Adoption is a much more humane option for parents who cannot take care of their child, whether due to financial troubles or any other reason. If an abortion is made, the child has no future, where as having the child and putting them up for adoption leads them to be able to achieve many successes in their life, and impact many others. There are some parents or families that are physically unable to have children, and this is where adoption can come in, giving the family a child they can call their own. The act of killing a human, one who can impact many people, is inhumane, and can easily be solved by putting them up for adoption.

Certain circumstances should not be punished, such as when the mother’s life is at risk. If the mother knows that her life is at risk, presumably told by a doctor, then she should not be charged with any crime if she chooses to have an abortion. The confirmation of the survival of a human being is more important than the potential death of two human beings. Another circumstance that shouldn’t be punished is rape, because the woman didn’t make the choice to get pregnant, someone made the choice for her. In these cases, the abortion should occur as soon as possible to bring as little pain to the fetus as possible. However, abortions in circumstances such as these should not be tolerated because the parent presumably knew what they were getting into and willingly accepted it.

People need to know that killing a human, born or not, is wrong. People need to have consequences, otherwise they may believe killing many fetuses is morally okay, since there is no law against it. Abortion can be considered a selfish process that can be remedied by having the child and putting them up for adoption, or if circumstances allow, taking care of the child. There are women who cannot have children, and the act of wasting the ability to have a child can be considered selfish and wrong for the unborn fetus. I know you will have many decisions to make, but I hope that making abortion illegal is one of the easiest due to the overwhelming immorality that is exemplified.

Good Luck.