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Gun Control IN The U.S

Gun control laws should not be enacted because guns help protect us and gun control laws will create illegal activity.

Dear Future President,

   31% Percent of the homes in America have reported to having a firearm in 2014, the lowest level of reported gun ownership in the last 40 years. Guns, a very debatable topic on whether or not guns should be limited or not here in America. Almost every month a new issue/problem usually occurs involving guns and typically people are left either thinking that guns are bad or guns are good. In addition the arguments that these sides are making usually either involve guns killing people or guns protect us. The question this issue has given us is, Do we create more gun control laws or not? My opinion is that Gun control should not be enacted because they create illegal activities and guns help protect us and keep us safe.

     More gun control laws should be enacted because guns kill people. This is what one side thinks after asked the question, Do we create more gun control laws or not? Over the several years guns have been in existence they have been used for threat, wounding, or killing. Today people see guns as a threat to the safety to others and more and more people are hoping for a limit on the power guns have created. These people are also looking to the president to make these hopes a reality. In the article called “ Gun Control in America” Kevin Clarke and James Martin wrote “ The gunman, Patrick Purdy had a long criminal history, white supremacist views and hostility toward southeast asians. He used a chinese imitation of the AK-47 assault rifle to kill five school children and wounded 32 others before taking his own life.” This illustrates that because this guy acquired a gun, innocent lives were affected. This is making people begin to think that if we did in fact limit the access to weapons then the outcome would have been different and maybe terrible events like these won't likely happen. Therefore more gun control laws need to be created.

     More gun control laws should not be enacted because guns keep us safe. When asked Do we create more gun control laws or not? This is the other side's viewpoint of it. Today if someone was killed by a gun the media would be all over it and start shaming on why guns are awful. On the other hand, if someone were to have their life saved by a gun it wouldn't be recognized and even if it were they would act like the gun didn't have any help in it. In the article “ The False Promise of Gun Control” it states “Everyone knows that possessing a handgun makes it easier to intimidate, wound, or kill someone. It is easy to count the bodies of those who have been killed or wounded with guns, but not easy to count the people who have avoided harm because they had access to weapons.” This informs us that that guns do kill, and yes they can harm us but at the same time the positive side of guns is always in the shadow of the negative things that happen with guns. Furthermore, this is most likely why so many people are against guns. Therefore, gun control laws should not be enacted.

     Finally, gun control laws should not be enacted because guns help protect us and gun control laws will create illegal activity. When I am asked, Do we create more gun control laws or not? I strongly believe that gun control laws should not be enacted. Guns today are used to protect and save lives. Police use guns, the army uses guns and all for good reason. Whenever you feel like your life can possibly be on the line many people's first thought is to get a gun to protect himself. In the article “Guns becoming status symbols” expresses this a lot. It says “ For years now in the north like in the south, catholic priests have been the victims of assault. A few priest have begun to shoot back.” This reflects on how these people have had life threatening problems and resulted in obtaining a gun for their own safety.Next, I feel that the priests got a gun so they don't feel as helpless and defenseless as they were without one. Furthermore, I repeatedly ask myself what exactly will these gun laws do? Do people think that these laws will just stop people from obtaining weapons. Truthfully all it will do is open up more illegal markets and prevent people from getting protection as easily. In the article “The False Promise of Gun Control” It states “Gun-control laws don't work. What is worse, they act perversely. While legitimate users of firearms encounter intense regulation, scrutiny, and a bureaucratic control. Illicit markets easily adapt to whatever difficulties a free society throws in their way.” This portrays that all this ban on guns will most likely do is open up illicit markets. So, all these people can still obtain guns. I won't argue the fact that they will stop most killers from getting one i'm just mainly stating that these laws will probably just bring more money into the illegal markets. Therefore, gun control laws should not be enacted.

     Keeping us safe, protecting us are what these guns are doing for us and the gun control laws will just open up illicit markets, This is why gun control laws should not be enacted. Guns protect us when we're in danger, they keep us safe. Limiting the availability of these guns to people who actually need them will just put their lives in danger. Which possibly can result in people you value a lot being put in danger, so why enact these laws? With this information I am hoping that the president will take this and understand why gun control laws should not be enacted and if they are in a situation where they can enact these laws they will not pass them and choose a different path for the issue.

Sincerely,  Alex C.  


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