Andrew Alaska

Electoral College

Problems with the Electoral College

Dear future president,

I believe that the current election process to become president of the United States is completely redundant, the electoral college is a hindrance to us as citizens right to vote. These “battleground” states are the only thing that candidates care about, if they win these few key states they have the election in the bag. Many peoples’ votes are wasted, for example in a state the vote could be 49% to 51% and the votes for the losing side are practically wasted, since all of the state’s votes would go to the candidate. Also in some states the people in each electoral college don’t even have to vote for the candidate that won the election in the state, they can vote for whoever they want, in one past election a person in the electoral college votes for a vice presidential candidate, not even someone that was running for president was voted for. The electoral college was formed when the United States was a small country, but now we have 324.8 million people in the country (, yet the election process for the most powerful position in the world is still being ran on an election process that was designed for a population of 2.5 million people ( This is a growth of 132.9% it’s about time that we abolished the electoral college, and make a system designed for our current population, while accounting for our population to keep rising.

The electoral college is a waste of time, it would make many peoples votes happen for nothing, instead of every vote going to the total election. Two candidates could as I said be neck and neck one candidate could win by 1%, and all of the electoral college votes for that state would go to the candidate that won, while the other votes for the loosing candidate would basically be thrown away. We need to have it so every vote goes to each candidates’ total vote count for the state election. In the end all the votes from every state would be totaled up, and see who is the president of the United States.

In every election a presidential candidate will focus on the “battleground” states, these states are the key to win every election. A candidate can ignore every single state, and still win the presidential election.

With the electoral college it is a waste of time, and peoples votes are wasted, and it’s a very old and outdated system, if you start working on it now in many years this old system could finally be abolished.


Andrew A.