Ryan C.

We Demand A Recount

Stop trying to stop the three states' recounts.

Dear Mr.President,

I found this article on the internet from the Associated Press dated December 2, 2016, that stated you and your supporters asked the court to stop recounting the votes in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Is this article true? Why do you want to stop the recount? You don’t have to worry, you won by a landslide. Just relax and see what happens with the recount. Haters will always hate, but the truth will show that you still won the election.

I am not on your side or Hillary’s side. I’m neutral like the Green Party. Although there was no evidence of the voting machines being hacked, the Green Party requested to recount the votes. I agree with the Green Party because they want the votes to be fair and all votes counted correctly. The worst thing that can happen is that we waste time and money; however, it would make people feel better and they believe that the election was fair.

You won a tough race against a well-established politician. Hillary has been in public service for over 30 years. She was the Secretary of State as well as the First Lady. People assumed that she would be the first female president and would win the 2016 election by a landslide.

During all the presidential debates, Hillary seemed to be well composed and knowledgeable about all the questions that the moderator was asking. After every debate people thought she was the clear choice as our next president. That is why so many people were shocked and surprised to see all the red states on TV during election night. I’m sure you were a little surprised that you won too.

You already know that you have won the election fairly, what harm does it do to let the public have a little piece of mind. If you allow the recount to take place, it will show people that you are not hiding anything and that you did not do anything wrong. People will respect you more because they won’t feel like you are trying to hide something.

Most people that voted for you were fed up with the way things were run by our politicians. They wanted a new and fresh person to come in who is out of the box thinker and bring change to America. People are tired of all the lies, false promises and the unemployment rates. People want a president to be someone that they can trust and someone who will fight for them.

Mr. President, I believe you should take the high road on this matter and let the green party have its last chance to recount the electoral votes to make themselves feel better. At the end you will be the hero if it turns out the machines were not hacked and the election was fair. Although I didn’t want you as our president, now that you are our leader. President Trump, I expect you to make America Great Again and Make America Proud. Thank you for your time.  

Lewis Middle School

Ferro, English 8 Cluster

Period 6 and 7

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