Triston Alaska

NO gun control

The future president should not have strict gun laws.

Dear Future President,

I think it is unsafe for America to have stricter conceal carry laws. The mass shooting at the Charleston, SC church and at the Orlando gay club could have been stopped if one person had a firearm. I think it is important for adult Americans to have the right to carry concealable firearms because it would help slow or even stop down public shooting sprees, shootings would not be as prevalent if the shooter thinks other people might be armed. Concealed handguns would also protect people who need to act in a situation when police are not around.

Public shooting sprees are becoming a huge problem in America. They are emotionally and physically harmful to the community they happened in and to the people involved. They disturb the peace that the community once had and they ruin more life’s then just the people shot. According to, in 2016 there have already been 405 mass shootings, and still counting! That is way too mass shootings in one year. That is over 1 mass shooting a day! A mass shooting is when four or more people, not including the shooter are injured or killed. There is no way to know if a shooter was going to kill more people after he is shot. That is on everyone’s mind after the shooter is shot. The difference between 20 deaths and 5 deaths is one or two people having a concealed firearm. You can find examples of when people have stopped shootings at If more and more responsible people start carrying concealed firearms this world would be a safer place.

What does the secret service use to protect the President of the United States of America? Guns. They cannot use any other form of defense because they would get shot by the people with guns. There is no better way to protect yourself than with a gun. According to GOA (Gun Owners of America), as many as 2.5 million people every year use guns to protect themselves from criminals. That means that guns are used 80 times more often to protect people then to do harm to others. GOA also states that over 200,000 women every year use a gun to protect themselves from sexual abuse. We want America to be safe as possible, that is why we need to be able to carry concealed firearms. states that 683,000 women get raped a year, with more relaxed concealed carry laws we could have less and less rapes each year. That is just one example of when people had to use guns to protect themselves when the police were not there.

Every year people have to fight for themselves when police are not around. The fight would be easier for them if they had a concealed firearm that the robber did not know about. There was a law passed in Kennesaw, GA requiring heads of households to keep at least one firearm in the house. The burglary dropped a massive 89% in Kennesaw. There was a poll done that said that three out of five felons would not mess with someone who has a gun on them. This is important because if more people have concealed guns then theoretically there would be less robberies/sexual abuses. The police cannot react fast enough to save you everytime, that is why you need firearms, to protect you when they are not around.

Those are the reasons why America should not have stricter conceal carry laws. The country as a whole would be safer and look better. We would have less murders, the media would be able to focus on different topics besides murders and tragedies. People would not feel so worried when they go walking or driving around when they have a gun with them at all times. I hope you will consider letter and push to make these changes.

Sincerely, Triston