Christina H. Minnesota


Dear Mr. President,

Abortion has become one of the most controversial topics within America. People constantly bicker between whether it's more important to protect women's rights or the dignity of a human being whether born or unborn. However, it is my understanding that you are a pro-life supporter and feel strongly about this topic. Because of this, I want to address my concern that the Roe v. Wade is not healthy for America and that you have the potential to change that.  

I think you need to reverse the Roe v. Wade decision for three reasons; organizations like Planned Parenthood don't perform sanitary operations, women suffer dramatically after the experience, and it disrupts our ideal of dignity. When Planned Parenthood schedules appointments, they are more concerned about how many abortions they can perform rather than keeping the equipment and tables clean. One of their buildings in Delaware is facing charges because of these conditions. It isn't safe for these women to be exposed to unsanitary conditions because it may cause them to pick up an illness or infection during the operation. Not only do these conditions potentially affect them, but the aftermath of the abortion causes more women to suffer. They think the abortion will put them at ease, but really most cope with issues such as; nervous disorders, insomnia, and regrets. A website claims that 8 weeks that 44% complained of nervous disorders, 36% had experienced sleep disturbances, 31% had regrets about their decision, and 11% had been prescribed psychotropic medicine by their family doctor. Lastly, a person can be described as something living that has a soul. This proves that babies inside women are a person. They are living and do have a soul. They have the dignity of a person and should be respected at the moment of conception. If they weren't a person, women wouldn't have regrets for why they had an abortion, they wouldn't be so confused as to why they are so sad. They are sad because they know they killed an innocent human-being that had potential. 

Although you probably knew everything I just said, I wanted to emphasize how strongly people feel about this topic. I know you agree with everything I just said, so please take a stand on these issues and fight for what is right. You have the power to override unjust laws, so let America know this is one of them. 


Christina Hanson