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Abortion: Facts on Pro-Choice

Pro-choice advocates should understand pro-life.

Abortion is a difficult subject. I can understand both pro-life and pro-choice sides. Though I am for pro-choice, I think that it is important for a woman having an abortion to fully understand what it is they are doing to their unborn child. The decision to have an abortion should ultimately be up to the parents of the child. In some cases, there might be an unwanted pregnancy. A woman who can not care for a child, either because of wealth or another reason should not be kept from terminating their pregnancy. I would like to have the choice when I am older. If I am pregnant, and not ready to bring a child into my world yet, I don't think I should have to. Also, I think it is cruel to be forced to bring a child into the world if it will be hard for them to survive because of a medical condition.

Surprisingly, 87% of all US counties do not have an abortion provider. Women have to travel far if they wish to have an abortion. In order for a women to have an abortion performed by a doctor, she must first go to a state mandated counseling session. This counseling session involves a script given by the state to promote childbearing. In other words, the state requires that the counselor must try to talk the woman out of an abortion. This is bias to pro-life, and it should not be a requirement to frighten and dissuade a woman from her own decision.

I think that women should have the right to choose to have an abortion or not. I also think that there should be an abortion center in at least 70% of US counties. I think this can be done by putting more tax dollars into hospitals, and requiring each to have an abortion clinic. I think this will solve the distance problem. Also, I think that there should be a counseling session required, but not one that involves trying to change the woman’s mind, but instead to talk about what it will be like after the abortion is performed, and how they can come through without having depressed thoughts. I think these combined will help the country’s pro-choice law.


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