Jillian G. Texas

All Lives Matter

No matter how old, young, or what the color of your skin is, all lives matter.

Dear Future President,

I am very disturbed on the current issue of abortion. I have come to this matter because it has become overly encouraged and acceptable in the occasion. Although the opportunity is presently underlooked and a personal decision for the United States citizens, it is completely inhumane and is certainly a disgusting act of murder. By resolving this disruption in society, we can save the lives of many innocent children and decrease the need for the occurrence of this issue.

Bringing this to attention, many people have come to the conclusion that an abortion is automatically the answer to an unwanted child. Whether it is because they are not ready for the responsibility, they cannot take care of a child, or they just don’t want a child, this should not be the answer to the problem. My question is that if murdering is illegal and a disgrace to the world, why should it be okay to kill a living human being, no matter how young or old? It is wrong and illegal to murder an unborn child, unless the act is through abortion. The child, yet not fully developed, is still alive. Though the process is told to be non harmful and doesn’t cause pain, does this make it okay? The same process can happen to an older being, such as an adult. Imagine this: Someone is poisoned and is not knowledgeable of the situation. They die peacefully in their sleep. They were murdered in a non painful way, yet the killer is convicted of murder. The difference is nonexistent between the two accusations, but one has more acceptance in society.

To state a point, the current law is allowing the right of a parent to make the decision. In contrast, it’s known that after eight weeks of a pregnancy, a child has a steady heart rate and minimal brain activity. We categorize a living human to have a steady brain and heart rate. Therefore, the eight week old child has the right to continue life under any circumstance.

To end in this way, the current law is petrifying and very unfortunate. Citizens need to be more responsible and aware of their actions in order for this change to presume. In actuality, the decision and enforcement of a new law needs to be fixed and practiced, with the enormous concern for others. I greatly appreciate your time given for this request, and hope your worry for this issue is as significant as mine.

With all respect,

Jillian G

Student, KHS