Michael H. Minnesota

The Wall

Immigrants from Mexico are coming the the United States for a better life and more opportunities to succeed.

Dear President,

If you were born in an impoverish community where you did not have the freedom and means to succeed, would you want to live in a better environment.  Many citizens of other countries have lives of suffrage and would like to come to the United States to make something of themselves.  There is no difference from when our ancestors came to America to what is happening today.  The United States should be honored that people are willing to drop everything and move here to have a better life.  

Undocumented immigrants are coming from all over the world to start new.  So what is the difference between an immigrant from Europe and one from Mexico?  They both have the same goals and hopes for a better future.  They make look slightly different or talk differently, but all in all they are the same.  The U.S. should not restrict anyone from their dreams.  Work ethic should matter more than nationality.   

So why are you only building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico?  Shouldn't the wall be around the Middle East?  Terrorism is a major problem in the Middle East not Mexico.  Mexicans are wanting to work with the U.S., not fight against it.  

If immigrants from Mexico are "taking jobs away from Americans" than why do you allow immigrants from other countries to "take" their jobs as well.  If a person is more qualified and willing to work harder than they should get the job, nothing else should matter.  Immigrants are still paying taxes and boosting the economy.  This should be a great thing, not a problem.  

The United States should open their arms to those in need to bring them here.  We should not stop people who are going to help the economy.  A wall will put us deeper into debt as well as stop new immigrants from being able to pay taxes and boost the economy.  Hopefully the next president will make the correct decision on helping immigrants.


Michael Heile   

Prior Lake High School

American Government-PLHS

Mr. Hartman

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