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Dear Future President,

Pro-life, no offense to those passionate about it's policy, is stupid. This is one of the more important subjects I find to be a factor in who I desire as president. The subject of abortion, to put it frankly. 

I don't understand why abortion is so controversial. Well, I do, but the reasons for which it's so "unacceptable" is ridiculous, and only could be described as being a product of ignorance.  Abortion is the choice of the woman who is pregnant, no one else's. She shouldn't have to be shamed or insulted for wanting to get rid of the thing she had no desire to originally put within her body. The fetus within her, is not developed, at all. It doesn't even physically resemble a living organism, much less think like one, and FORCING someone to painfully shove a living being out of their genetalia is one of the more awful things we casually ignore. I want you to make abortion a more accessible thing for women. If not abortion, birth control, condoms, anything to prevent unwanted pregnancy. These things, these simple things, are inaccessible. Having no access to contraceptives won't discourage people from having sex. It will instead cause them to have unprotected sex, which is what leads to unwanted pregnancies, and wished abortions. So maybe this will take out one and a half birds with one stone. 

Because abortion will still be difficult to accomplish, morally, as well as being difficult to access. For women who didn't want a child, but are pregnant. They should be able to get the thing out of her body before it's even alive. It's right. It's HER choice. 

For women who are raped, some believe there's no dignity in giving birth to a child of that product. They at least deserve the ability to have options besides giving birth to this child, and putting it on a street corner somewhere, or being unable to care for it. 

For teenagers who are pregnant. They may not be able to care for the child, may be kicked out of the house, or without money, without support. They deserve to have a choice so they don't end up looking after a child that they aren't capable of caring for. 

Most children who are born, because their mother could not have an abortion, are not kept by their parents/parent. This is what leads to "dumpster babies." Children who are abandoned in dangerous places, like trash cans, street corners, etc. 

Forcing someone to have a child they don't want or are incapable of caring for, is cruel. It's terrible, ignorant. It's no one else's decision, besides the mother, if she wants to give birth to a child or not.

I feel really strongly about this, if you can't tell. I don't want to live in a world where we turn our back to this. This, one of our MANY issues as human beings. Maybe it won't solve everything, but it's like at least restore some faith in humanity. Please help.

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