Oscar S. Minnesota

Pharmaceutical and medication fraud

Pharmaceutical companies focus more on making money than helping with people's health.

Dear Next President,

The United States needs to help pharmaceutical companies to not aim their profit on more wealthier consumers since not everyone can benefit from the medication if it’s not accessible to everyone. There are also issues with medical fraud that needs to come to an end.

In developing countries there are people who are sold expired medication and it’s about 89% according to Global Issues, due to lack of access of medication and well known doctors. Unlike here you can file a lawsuit from being sold expired medication but 43% of citizens are sold expired medication from unable to purchase it to heal their disease. Most Medication is too expensive to purchase to most people and according to Global Issues, not everyone is and has the money to purchase the medication. Also 48% of people get desperate to cure any sort of illness even if it means expired.

People can’t heal their diseases or other problems due to inability to access and end up dying or becoming severely ill because the medication is too expensive. According to Global Issues there are drugs that are “close to, or even past, their expiry date”. According to Global Issues “many drug companies support the position of less government involvement”, but in other places in the world that cannot access such medication like Africa or poor countries, there are diseases and illnesses affect the majority who cannot purchase or have access to it because of lack of medication that help their diseases or illness. We should help the countries in Africa and send over medication to help those issues since it’s a world issue and it’s not just affecting Africa.

Some medication don’t matter if consumed a little past their expiration date but there are not a lot of medical research on the toxicity but according to Expired Medication “tubular damage was associated with use of degraded tetracycline” it is dangerous to take expired medication of this problem since of the certain effects of the chemicals in the medication. The Medical industry needs to stop focusing on supplying for people who make more money and more on people’s health.

Pharmaceutical companies should know reasonable prices that mostly all citizens of the U.S. should be able to purchase for any cases of emergency. The profit from selling expired drugs at a lower price should also be illegal since it can harm your health instead of healing it.


Oscar Soriano, 10th Grade

West Saint Paul, Minnesota  

Henry Sibley High School


Ms. Imm's American Lit classes

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