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Stem Cell Research

Ruth Nash



Stem Cell Research

Dear future President,

Being President of one of the top nations in the world is a huge responsibility. Your number one priority should be protecting and making sure the government is meeting the needs of the people. To keep these people safe, alive and healthy, you must know what is right and what is wrong. At the top of your list should be allowing people their right to make their own choices regarding medical treatment, especially if it is needed to save their lives. For years, adult stem cell research has been an illegal treatment in the United States. If people knew the good it does for live, maybe these laws could be changed.

Adult stem cell research is a type of treatment known as autologous; the procedure uses one's own stem cells. Comparatively, there is the very controversial allogeneic stem cell research which uses someone else's stem cells - often aborted babies. Understandably, using stem cells from others for research seems wrong even though it saves lives. In both cases, we need to educate ourselves in the importance the adult stem cell research does.

In my own family, my stepmother recently was sick from cancer. She was being treated by doctors in the state of Oregon using autologous, “her own, stem cells” to assist in healing her. The treatment was saving her life. Because there is a lack of understanding about this treatment, the Oregon Medical Board withdrew her doctor’s license because they deemed him a global threat to society. In other words, he was using unconventional methods not yet proven in the United States but proven in other countries to treat patients with severe medical problems like cancer, autoimmune disorders, and multiple sclerosis and not using debilitating drugs such as chemotherapy, which destroys the immune system completely. My stepmother was not able to continue with her treatment and even though she does not currently have cancer, she suffers from severe autoimmune disorders because they could not continue her treatments.

It astonishes me that conventional medicine does not accept curing of patients with unconventional methods if they are not harming the person. Other nations and countries including Mexico, France, Germany are working with autologous treatment very successfully. I am writing this paper to dive into the so called controversial treatment that has been proven so beneficial to many.

To conclude, stem cell research is a very important part in restoring health issues among the people. If we legalize adult stem cell research, we can save the lives of so many people. As a country that claims to be advanced in medical studies, we need to legalize autologous stem cell research. This will be can be a leading factor is solving so many medical problems, if we let it