Garrett B. Oregon

College Tuition

College tuition keeps rising and its becoming a bigger problem.

Dear Next President :

Did you know that 35% of high school graduates did not attend a university last year because the cost was too much for them to handle? The cost of college tuition impacts the choices made by students and lowering the cost will increase college attendance. This is a huge problem and one of the leading causes as to why we are one of the least intelligent countries. College tuition must be lowered because we can’t allow students to live in poverty or on the streets with no education.

Cost of college tuition is absolutely way too much and is making students consider another way to further themselves and make a living in this world. The president knows this is a problem and knows that this country will develop at a faster pace with the decrease of college tuition. ”More and more students every year have gone to colleges and universities and not graduated” (NY Times para 6). This shows that there is statistical proof as to the growing number of college students dropping out or not being able to graduate. This also shows that this is a growing issue in the United States. There are many more arguments as to why this is a big issue and shouldn't be taken lightly.

As soon as college students build up enough money to be able to buy the cost of tuition, books, and everything else, they end up in so much debt that they end up paying it all off for the rest of their lives. The president knows this is a big problem because there are millions of college students living in this country with thousands of dollars in debt and practically living off of their social security checks. ”Students are dropping out with so much debt, that they can't even survive on their own anymore”(Forbes para 4). This shows that college tuition is too much and causing way too many students to drop out. There is still one more argument that I have in mind and it has to do with the benefits of lowering the cost.

Lowering the cost of college tuition will not only cause an increase in college admittance but also allow our country to become a smarter, and more intellectual country. With our country being one of the least smartest countries, we need to start looking for ways to improve and it all starts with lowering the cost.

Lowering the cost will result in a huge increase of money for the country because of all the students going back to school and working towards their future. This country will become more intelligent and more hardworking than ever before. Lowering the cost will make the United States of America united once again by bringing student back to school. I need your help president and I need you to understand that this is a huge issue in our country and if you truly want to help then you can start with lowering the cost.

Sincerely, Garrett Bell