Laura Oregon

Deportations Tear Families Apart

There are solutions for those who are at risk of being deported, but it's up to the ones who can change the law to solve this problem.

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President,

     I am writing this letter to you because there is one big problem that has been going on for what feels like forever, and it’s not being fixed in any way that benefits all the people who are being affected by this. The problem that I really want you to fix is the deportation of many immigrants that is causing families to be torn apart.

     Deportations are making it hard for all immigrants to be able to live in a calm presence of mind because they fear that at any moment the Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) will barge in their jobs or homes and without any feelings take them away from their families and even worse their kids who will now have to depend on someone else who aren’t their parents and suffer more, especially if they have a disability. This is an unfair issue because many immigrants risk their lives to come to work at unwanted jobs where not many would like to work. One of them is working in the fields, which is a very tough job because the bosses don’t care if it’s 100 degrees or freezing cold outside. Many of the immigrants who arrive in the U.S start working in the fields because it’s a job where they don’t ask for documents the workers don’t have and unfortunately they get paid only the minimum wage or less.

     I’ve had a chance to observe field workers when I’m walking by the road where there’s a big field. Something I notice is that I never see white workers out there. The white workers are in charge working inside with the AC on or just supervising with not as much to be worried about than those working in picking the crops out. Hopefully, Mr. or Mrs. President, you don’t plan on still doing deportations any longer but decide to listen to all those people who are trying to be a voice telling you to stop tearing families apart. I have heard many people saying that they want immigrants deported at once, why? Maybe because they have a different way of thinking about how people should be punished by not following the laws, but if all immigrants were to be deported imagine all the work and crops that will be lost, all the jobs that are being handled by hardworking immigrants will be empty, and it will be up to those who consider themselves “non-immigrants” to go and work if they want to keep proceeding with their business and gaining money on their crops. Now if you think about this for a while, everyone is an immigrant; the only ones who truly belong here are the Indians, but unfortunately their lands were taken away in a very harsh way where now they are considered immigrants.

     The immigration law is a constantly changing legal field. According to the government data website, President Obama has deported more immigrants than any other president. Obama has had more than 2.5 million immigrants deported and up to 23% of those immigrants have lived here since George W. Bush years. Obama is now close to deporting more people than the sum of all presidents who governed in the U.S from 1892 to 2000. Immigrants make about 13.3% of the U.S population, which is about 42.4 million, and increasing. So instead of making your job on deportations harder, make them not be a subject to be discussed about anymore and stop deportations once and for all.

     For this problem I suggest that you provide immigrants an easy access to having a green card/ Visa. Maybe the requirements could be to live in the U.S for more than three months and not wait years to receive it. Or you could suspend deportations which would be a way more humane and sensible act that would actually help with the problem instead of having the deportations extend in duration. Many immigrants want representation and not any more deportations, so please Mr. or Mrs. President, help stop deporting people who could have a chance in getting included in the immigration reform and make sure that all those who are seeking a path to citizenship aren’t deported before their chances can open. Remember that most immigrants who come to the U.S come for a better life and come in peace, it is little the amount of those who mean harm.