corvin Oregon

Police brutality

Dear next President:

My name is Corvin. I am an exchange student from Germany. I live in North Albany, Oregon and am currently enrolled at West Albany High School.

I think the police in the United States of America are very brutal because sometimes they hit or kill somebody when they have done nothing. In the last few years the police have killed a lot of "African American" people which raises many questions. Sometimes I see pictures from demonstrations, where the police are very brutal when dealing with the demonstrators. Also, I think it`s not very good that everybody can get a gun. Maybe it's better when the police or FBI knows who has a gun.

In Germany the police are not brutal. They are very friendly. I've never heard bad things like the police in the United States. They carry guns but they never use the guns. The police in Germany killed 105 people in the last 16 years. If you are in Germany you don't have to worry that your neighbor has a weapon.Germany has only 2 million guns.

I saw a lot of videos where the American police hit or killed an "African American".  Most of the time the people don't have guns or knives. Nevertheless, the police killed the people because they are black. The last "African American" who was killed was a father with 4 kids. His wife was out of the car and she saw how the police cried, “ drop out the gun” over and over again. And she said,” he don't have a gun.” But the police shot three times in to the car. I and many others watched the video and and I didn't see a gun.  I think the police killed too many people only because they are black. 

Now my question! What do you want to change so that the police are not so brutal? Maybe a new weapon law that the police or FBI knows who had a gun, or that only guys that need a gun should have one. No one should have one just for fun. Maybe you think it`s good but I'm from Germany and it`s taking getting used to. I`m not an American but I think America is a very great country. However, the guns and the police are things which must change in my opinion.

Sincerely, Corvin