Johnathan v. Oregon

Nuclear weapons stockpiles

Nuclear weapon should not be aloud in our society

Nuclear weapons stockpiles

Dear future president,

There are many nuclear weapons scattered throughout the world. Not only that, but we don't even know how many countries or groups have access to or have the ability to produce them. If that wasn't enough, we don't know where all of the ones that disappeared went from when the Soviet Union fell (That information was find on Globel They are weapons of mass destruction, and the definition of a weapon of mass destruction is, “A radioactive weapon that can cause widespread death and destruction.” If this is true, which it is, then they shouldn’t be allowed in our society.

What is the reason for having nuclear weapons? Are we that petty? We are still playing by the rules of children where if someone has something, I have to have more of it than them. I find some interesting statistics on That in the world, there are 15,375 nuclear warheads or bombs that we know about. What that means is that one third of the world could be destroyed in a matter of minutes. Even though we have safeguards to prevent nuclear attacks, is that really worth risking the safety of millions of people or causing a nuclear winter in which there would be a mass extinction? Are our lives worth winning a pointless war where everyone is the loser. As Gandhi once said, “An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.”

How has one of the most powerful nations in the world could we not find the ones that were lost during the decline of the Soviet Union. Has this issue really fallen to the waist side, So we argue over a nation that is gaining military strength and influence throughout the world?

If you don't feel like this is an important topic take a good long look at happened to Chernobyl on April.26th,1986. What happened there is an example of what happens when nuclear power get out of control. Chernobyl is still radioactive to this day. The radioactive active substance used during the program was not even weaponized. If non weaponized radioactive substances could cause this much destruction, then imagine what weaponized radioactive weapons could do. Not only that but in the past 30 years we have learned how to make nuclear weapons even more deadly and destructive.

So how could we with good conscience lay this very important issue to rest, without investigating all the possible leads and or suspicions throughout the world We as a nation need to stand together on this issue. We need to show the whole world that we will not stand for nuclear weapons to be unchecked and unregulated. We need to make the world a better place, if not for us, then for the children.