Lauryn Oregon


Abortion is wrong and it should be illegal.

Dear Next President,

I am a student at West Albany High School. Did you know that according to Wendy Davis, one in three women will have an abortion by the ages of 15-45? That means one in three babies will die. Abortion is a major issue in our society today. This is murder because that is a human-being inside of a woman. After one week the baby is already developing limbs and organs. These are innocent lives that are being taken. I feel badly for these babies because they have no choice or voice. It's not fair. It's not the baby's fault the mother wasn't responsible. If she didn't want a child she shouldn't have put herself in a position where she might end up having one. Abortion laws must be altered.

The problem with most women today is that in some circumstances if not all, women don’t have the best knowledge on what happens during an abortion as they should. If a mother really knew what happens during an abortion she wouldn't go through with it. Walter J. Eno says, “let me quote Faye Wattleton, the youngest and the first African-American president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America: ‘I think we delude ourselves into believing that people don’t know abortion is killing.’" A majority of women don't realize it's murder. If you go through with an abortion you should be charged with murder. It's the same thing as if you were to kill your child after the child is born. It’s just that the baby inside a woman isn't born yet, so you don't have that bond with the baby yet.

This affects me personally because a family member very dear to me isn't able to have children. Her hearing about all these abortions is very upsetting because she can't have kids. They are killing their babies when she wants one with all her heart. If a woman accidentally gets pregnant adoption is always an option. Many couples would love to have a little blessing in their family. Abortion clinics should be harder to get to and find. If we had less access to places where you can go get an abortion there would be fewer abortions. Danielle Paquette states, “The number of U.S. abortion clinics or medical facilities that perform more than four hundred abortions annually, peaked in the late 1980s at 705. By 2011, 553 remained. The clinics have been closing at a record pace, according to a new Bloomberg analysis: One-hundred-sixty-two have closed since 2011, while 22 have opened. Texas, for example, lost more than half of its clinics.” It's good that the clinics are starting to close, but at the same time more are opening. They should all be closed because four hundred babies annually are dying.

Abortion laws must be altered. It is a sick, cruel thing and it needs to stop now. The babies that doctors are killing have no choice to live or not and that's not fair. When women have abortions, they are  murderers. Also, the doctors that are giving the abortions are murderers as well. In some cases when a pregnant woman is killed the defendant is charged with two murders. How is it that abortion is not murder when it is basically the same thing as the fact stated before? You need to change the laws; this is not acceptable. I need you to consider my thoughts and change the laws.

Sincerely, Lauryn