Taneisha S. Oregon


The problem with homelessness in our world

Dear, Mr. or Mrs. President

I’m writing to you today about homelessness and the big problem we have with homelessness all over the world. All across the world, there is someone who lives on the street with no money and no family to rely on for things to survive.

I believe if jobs weren't so hard to get and money wasn't so hard to earn,then there wouldn't be as many people who have to sleep in the rain or under a bridge to stay dry and warm. Some people believe that if a person has a job,it will magically help them with all their financial problems, health problems, or any problem that they have to deal with throughout their life. However, some jobs pay so poorly that you can't support yourself or your family.

According to Homeless World Cup Group, “Approximately 100 million people including children are homeless all around the world.”one hundred million people out of 7.125 billion people are on the streets without food or water, without a family, and not only do they not have food, water, or a family,they also don't have the basic necessities for a partially normal life off the streets.

When people say,“ If homeless people would just ‘get a job,’ it would fix all of their problems, ” it makes me mad because the people that say things like that usually have a lot of money, or enough money to survive, and live in a nice home with warmth and a bed to sleep in at night. In other countries like Australia, the laws or rules on homelessness are, according to justice connect (Legal service that brings together the best Australian corporate and legal assistance sectors) “The government’s white paper on homelessness, The road Home: A national approach to reducing homelessness, recognised the urgent need to address the extent of homelessness in Australia and identified commendable targets and goals, including halving overall homelessness by 2020”. Australia is trying to minimize the amount of people on the streets, and trying to figure out strategies to help their country. As a country we should come together and figure out the real situation and how we can improve the problem at hand.

If we had people who actually wanted to help and provide for the ones who don't have anything, we would be able to reduce the amount of people who have to sleep on cement in the cold. I know this problem is too big to fix all at once in one day but if we, as in all the people around the world, would help give donations or even give some of our taxes toward places for more shelters or cheaper places to stay we would have less people to worry about during the night.