Jessica A. Michigan

Gun control issues

Guns in themselves are not evil, even though they hurt, they protect.

Currently within the country people are pressed with many hard and controversial questions. One of these questions is about gun control. I do not believe in strict gun control, this country's citizens should be proud to be able to protect their homes themselves and not leave everything to the police. The police today can not possibly be able to cover every single issue in this country. I believe that concealed weapons are a good thing, for they have helped to reduce major casualties in shooting events. Death and injury from mass shootings has decreased by 82%. Within the country places that have strict gun control laws have experienced increased crime rates such as Chicago, whose shooting rate has shot up to 88% in this past year. This is partially due to the fact that criminals have access to weapons through things like the black market whereas the citizens have no access at all. Many times in the past years shootings have been stopped by citizens, that carried a firearm, when the outcome without those people would have turned out to be a disastrous event. And because of these people many lives were saved. When carrying a concealed weapon you have a greater sense of security and your mind is more at rest. There are some people today that have gotten a weapons permit because they felt unsafe and were being threatened. Therefor the way they best felt safe is by having that concealed weapon. Also guns are not just a weapon for destruction, they help to support people. Hunters understand this best, guns are also a tool that is used to provide food on the table at home where that food may be extremely needed at times. Also guns are often used as recreation, especially at firing ranges. One thing that I know is true about guns is that “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”, guns are only a tool, by themselves they only collect dust. The only way guns cause harm is if someone intentionally pulls the trigger, fully knowing the consequence of what they are doing. I understand that not all shootings are on purpose, however that is partially the fault of the person who is responsible for the firearm. The person in charge of the firearm is responsible to teach those younger than themselves the consequences of the firearm and to teach them to NEVER misuse it. That is the greatest responsibility they have, for if people understand what they are and the consequences of what it can do then people would have respect for it and treat it carefully.

Even though I am for guns, I do not wish for people to have easy access to them either. I believe that to have a concealed weapon you should take a course on how to properly handle situations where you would need to protect yourself.