zander Michigan

Gun Laws

This is about how the country needs to make stricter gun laws.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

The purpose of gun laws/rights/rules are to protect us. Lately, this has not been happening. A lot of people disagree with these laws and now are promoting gun violence and have been doing a lot of really bad things. I believe that gun laws should be more secured.

Now, I am not saying that i'm with all gun laws but i'm with most of them. says its sad how you cant log onto any social media website without it talking about guns or deaths same with the news.The Atlantic says it's sad that a once peaceful country is now one of the most violent places ever. KQED says it’s sad how many people go through troubles because a loved one dies.

Now, if you do not believe me search up ABC 12 News and it will most likely say someone shot someone or there was a shooting this is really sad to me and if this is sad to you imagine how many families feel.

A solution to all of this is to not let people that are mentally challenged buy guns or any one that is on a terrorist watch list and especially if someone just shot someone don't let that person buy a gun because I don’t know about you but if someone just shot someone I wouldn’t want them to buy a gun. I hope to see changes in the future.