Nick A. Michigan

Animal Abuse in the U.S.

Animal abuse is not taken as a serious problem and is not being dealt with as it should.

Dear next president,

By: Nick A

“Conviction for animal neglect and cruelty in farming rose by 122.7% in 2012, a new RSPCA report reveals” “RSPCA” by farmers weekly. This is a eye opening fact to me, solely based on how much of a increase there has been just in 2012. This is not alright, and we need a lot of things to change. Animal abuse and neglect has been looked over and this allows people to abuse their animals without any fear of any serious consequences. This is why animal abuse is a real issue and is not being treating as serious as it should be.

Animal abuse has not been dealt with as effectively as it should be and that is because people believe that it is not a serious problem. And no one is putting in any effort into stopping or slowing down this issue in any way possible.And people do not understand how poor of conditions these animals are forced to live in.“In a puppy mill, dogs are often kept in cages with wire flooring that injures their paws and legs—and it is not unusual for cages to be stacked in columns. When female breeding dogs reach a point of physical depletion and can no longer reproduce, they are often killed.” “Animal neglect in puppy mills” by Peter Applebome. This shows you that these animals are forced into conditions that are unbearable and once they are no use they are killed because they are of no use. This shows that animal abuse and neglect is a very real and relevant issue because no one has made any attempt to stop this. So as you can no one is taking issues like puppy mills as serious as they should be taken.

Some people say that animal abuse is not a real issue and that we should not worry about it. Many of these people say this because they believe that it's not really happening that much or they don't have rights. These people feel as if we should not be using any of are resources or any more of are resources to help fight animal abuse or neglect.”police would bring much deeper and broader resources to bear.” This quote is saying that now, since we have animal abuse calls going straight to the cops it “Animal abuse calls will now go to police” by James Barron. will reduce the amount of animal abuse but it will also be taking more resources that could be used elsewhere. This is a good thing because then numbers for animal abuse will drop greatly, but people will say that we are wasting too much of are resources on an issue that some people say it is not a real issue. These people are asking why should we make the police respond to calls about animal abuse when there are real issues that are happening that the police could be responding to.

But animal abuse is a serious issue that we should be putting more of are resources into the issue, because it will not go away unless we do something about it. I say this because farmers whose livelihood depends on their animals and how well they perform, don't even care enough to keep their animals in top shape because no one is stopping them from this animal abuse. “deputies came to Sandy Saunders farm, they said they found shocking conditions, arrested him on nine counts of animal cruelty.” “Crackdown on Animal Abuse” by Lynne Ames. As you can see someone who wants and needs their animals to do well do not care, because they are not afraid of getting in any serious for their actions. As you can see animal abuse is not seen as a serious crime which creates an illusion in which it is not that bad of a thing to abuse or neglect animals.

People are abusing animals without any fear of consequences because it is not taken seriously. Many people believe that we are wasting are resources on an issue that doesn't matter. But people should care because these are defenseless animals that don't understand what's going on. This is why I believe that we need to make a change by changing what people believe about animal abuse and start seeing it as a more serious crime and creating more laws to help prevent animal abuse, and call the police to report and sort of animal abuse or neglect you witness.


Nick A.