Amber W. Michigan

Minimum Wage

Minimum wage should stay the same

I do not believed that the minimum wage should be raised from $7.25 per hour because it would cause a lot of economic problems. Minimum wage jobs should not be used to support a family, they should employ teenagers and young adults going through highschool and college; however, if it is increased they will be shut out of the workforce completely. Adults will want to be employed if the minimum wage is increased due to the fact that they can make decent money in a simple job that doesn’t require prior experience. Which is not fair to the younger population that only needs temporary employment until they can graduate and pursue the choice career. Although, the dropout rate for highschool students will increase drastically if they believe that they can make a living off minimum wage. Another problem deals with the price of goods. In order for the company to afford to pay the workers prices would also have to increase. The increase in prices of consumer goods will not be good for the business because people will not want to spend more money on fast food. The final reason why minimum wage should stay the same is because technological advancements may take over human labor in the workforce.Businesses may not be able to pay the workers for their labor, so they might replace humans with robots to do the work for free. People argue that raising the minimum wage will reduce income inequality, which is true. However, those who are employed in these jobs should not receive the same pay as someone who has gone to college or work in skilled jobs because minimum wage jobs require little to no skill. People will use minimum wage jobs as an alternative for not finishing school or going to college because the pay will be nearly as good and will be enough to support themselves as well as their family. Since the minimum wage has not been changed nation-wide yet, it must be prevented. The solution would be to drop the idea completely and leave minimum wage at $7.25. The problems that the increase would cause is not worth it -- the wages should be left alone.