Levi L. Michigan

Should Vaccines Be Required for Children?

Vaccines should be mandated by the government as the majority of vaccinations create a safer community.

Dear President of the United States,

Vaccinations have been present in the medial for over 200 years, undoubtedly saving millions of lives by preventing dangerous or even fatal diseases. Recently, an epidemic has occurred where it is rumored that vaccines cause birth defects and other problems to young children. Studies have been conducted that suggests that vaccines are not safe yet, there is rarely enough information to conclude that the effects being observed are a direct consequence of vaccines. Many of these accusations are coming from alternative medicine doctors that do not follow a set of predefined procedures to make such a conclusion. The argument is brought up that vaccines are taking away from a person's free will, being forced to partake in a medical practice that they might not believe in. This is easily refuted as vaccines have shown to prevent diseases that are potentially fatal. It is the government's job to protect the common good of the people and make sure illnesses are kept under close watch. Many argue that pharmaceutical companies should not be trusted as mistakes have happened before with faulty vaccines. Although undesired, there will be mistakes in the production of vaccines that will cause side effects that can be harmful. The FDA should not be distrusted as this creates a community that turns to alternative medical practices that cannot be scientifically guaranteed. Creating a society that is not ridden by disease creates a safer environment for younger generations and it is up to the government to enforce the safety of those involved.

Most sides that challenge the safety of vaccines are small communities that are not able to conduct experiments that end in any significant conclusion. Major medical organizations, such as the FDA and the CDC, conclude that “Vaccines are some of the safest medical products available.” (US Department of Health and Human Services, "Safety") These organizations have conducted many studies to ensure the safety of those receiving the vaccines. Vaccines have done an extraordinary job at eliminating diseases, almost completely getting rid of Polio in first world countries. The government needs to do a better job at promoting information that lets people know of the consequences of not vaccinating. Creating advertisements and publishing truthful medical studies to be made widely available to the public could clear up confusion that is being created by false medical studies. The Government’s lack of intervention may eventually lead to a sense of distrust in the United States and someone must be done to ensure the health of the population.