Adrionna L. Michigan

school Uniforms

School uniforms should be outlawed.

Dear Next President,

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, in the 2007-2008 school year, 16.5% of all the public schools in the United States required students to wear uniforms. ”Uniforms don’t make everyone the same. They just make everyone look the same.’’ -CAROLINE DOYLE. Your clothes are not who you are. Uniforms can’t hide your personality. I think school uniforms should be outlawed in public schools.

People should be able to choose what they want to wear. Some people say school uniforms are good. They also say it prevents bullying. I do not think it prevents bullying. Being bullied is just as likely to happen when you are in uniform as when you aren’t in uniform.

My third reason is students should be able to choose what they wear because they have to pay for the clothes. Americans spend around $1 billion a year on school uniforms including shirts, pants, and shoes. The average cost of school uniforms for parents is $249. That money could be used for more important things like materials and technology, or maybe a field trip or something fun.

It is easy to buy school uniforms at department stores like Walmart, Target, and many other places. Strangers could get into the school and hurt people because they have a uniform on. The people would not know if they were trying to hurt students and they could get hurt.


Adrionna Lowrie

8th grade

Evart Middle School

Evart, Mi

Evart Middle School

5th Block

8th Grade Language Arts

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