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Abortion Should be Legal

Abortion is a choice. The woman or couple that have a baby in the womb should have the option to get an abortion if they wish not to have a child under any condition. This is a right that involves the control over one's own body and life. Should that be taken away, we are then directly violating a part of the Constitution. It is irrelevant whether this right is just an implied right or if it is directly stated. It is a right none the less that is granted to both men and women.

Dear Future President,

One major issue that is argued over and is considered a sensitive subject is abortion. Abortion is an issue that needs to be addressed but the solution also has to be constitutional. People may argue that abortion should be illegal because you kill human lives that way. But what about the mother? They don’t take in the account on how a child would drastically change a pregnant woman’s life. What if they can’t support the child and take care of themselves as well? If saving lives were the main priority of the United States than abortion should be legal because it will save the lives of those mothers. This is because later in the women’s lives they can create an environment that is safe for children and be able to support them so they can feel wanted, loved, and not like they are a burden on their providers.

One reason for why abortion should be legal in the United States is to prevent the loss of more human life. Money is one of the most commonly used reasons for women to receive abortions tied with ‘not ready for the responsibility’ at twenty-one percent according to Operation Rescue. It is very difficult for people, in general, to get high paying jobs without completing college. This makes raising a child before completing college very difficult. The chance for a woman to have a job, house, take care of a child and go to college or high school classes is basically zero. Based on more research from Operation Rescue, nine percent of abortions occur in women who haven’t completed high school yet and twenty-seven percent of abortions are from women who only have graduated high school. The majority of abortions occurs in women who have completed only some college, which is at forty-one percent. So women who are pregnant get abortions to try to walk through life further until they feel comfortable enough that they can take care of children. From Teen Pregnancy Statistics, seven out of ten teenagers that become pregnant before they finish high school will drop out and a slim amount of two percent of teen moms go on to college to earn their degree. This sets numerous young mothers up for failure. Then the child starts to become affected. The mother can start to become depressed and dependent on alcohol or drugs because of their failure in life or their failure to support their child. The child, then sensing that they are being a burden, starts to rely on drugs as well and falls into depression. Suicide is a possibility that either soul can take but both could start to sell drugs so they can come into possession of what they are hooked on. This increases crime and the loss of human life. To prevent either of those unfortunate situations in any age or education completion category, abortion needs to be legal in the United States.

Another reason for why abortion should be allowed in the U.S. is that outlawing abortion goes against the morals on which we have built up from the Constitution. The Constitution abolished slavery in the thirteenth amendment which ultimately states that every human has the right to control their own body. Though the United States addresses issues that include suicide and inflicting bodily harm upon one’s self, the government cannot outlaw those kinds of actions. Abortion is one of those actions. The woman who is pregnant is the overall master of her own body and she can do what she deems is correct and proper in her situation. If she wishes to have children, she may have children under her own guardianship. If she wishes to not have children, nobody can legally force her to take care of children. In the court case Roe v Wade, the Supreme Court has ruled that women have the Constitutional right to abortion before the viability of the fetus. This means that a woman can abort her child before the child is about twenty-eight weeks old in the womb. This court case makes the period of abortion just about seventy-three percent of the human gestational length. To protect the rights of women and to support gender equality, abortion needs to be allowed inside the U.S. borders.

Obviously, abortion is not a clear black and white argument. There are religious values, morals and future plans involved for each unique scenario of a woman who want an abortion. An easy and possible solution you can approach to solve the argument about abortion is to allow abortion and do not encourage or discourage the option. This fulfills the right to women that they have to control their own bodies and helps encourage them to go to college to become strong, valuable assets in the workforce. This also makes the people of the United States who oppose abortion settle down because you are not directly voicing your opinion about such a touchy subject. Thank you for your time and patience with reading my letter and I hope that you will lead America into a great and prosperous time during your term.



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