Nichole W. Michigan

Legilizing Abortion

What the problem are with abortion and what it does to help people.

People having free will to choice whether to bring a child in to the world should be solely their choice

Dear Mr. President,

The problem that we are facing in this day and age is whether we should legalize abortion or not. We face this as a problem because all of us American have a different ideas of what abortion does, whether we are killing a human being, and ect. People all have different visions of how we should deal with differnt things, for abortion people believe that it is either murder or a human right to he able to get rid of an unplanned or wanted pregnancy. Without woman's ability to chose what they want to do with their pregnancy it can lead to a child to feel unwelcomed or wanted in the world. Making abortion legal for women every where in the United States will help them through the tough time, so they are able to make the choice they want. If abortion is not legal for a woman to choice to get it, it can lead them to becoming unemployed or on a government assistants because they now have another person to take care of, that they were not ready for. Adding on, some people want abortions so they do not bring a fetus into the world that haves abnormalities. To conclude this problem we could make it so that people that have to have a valid reason to want the abortion such as, rape, the baby having a problem, or you are too young, that way both side are some what have a say in it. But I believe that the best solution is to let a woman be able to get an abortion no matter what the circumstances are, so that the woman and child do not have to come to resent each other because of a choice that the parent was unable to make themselves. To help and give the mother a choice of whether she wants to have a child, abortion will help the population determine what suits them. Abortion should not be illegal to women, because of the factors that can come true due to it, such as unwelcomed children into a house that they feel doesn't want them and the mother not being able to make ends meet for another mouth to feed. The choice of to have child or not should be up to the mother or parents of a child not the government, who doesn't know the story of the parents or what they are going through in their daily lives.